A source reveals theft "Gholam Hussein," the amount of $ 850 million and has transferred his family to the system to steal public money (exciting details)

20-12-2015 06:30 PM

An official source, revealed that the Executive Director of Bank of the Middle East, in Iraq, Ali Gholam Hussein stole $ 850 million, but it is out on bail of 100 million Iraqi dinars were to pick up this theft.

The source said in a press statement, that 'Ghulam He converted his family to the system to steal public money ', adding that' there is a report issued and filed hundreds of checks at the Middle Bank of East and drawn on numerous banks and amounts in excess of billions, in cooperation with the Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank stating that a customer named Mohammed Gholam Hussein in the Middle East, the bank found that the number of display pages more 400-page administration Seif Youssef Gholamhossein '.

He said' these two individuals They transfer of such funds to the four destinations, which in turn converts it in to the last prospects for the future Emirati company ', adding that' despite the presence of thousands of counterfeit bills, only to buy The dollar is still going on until now. '