Source: Allawi and Maliki's blocs unite for Baghdad local councils' elections
02/03/2012 14:03

BAGHDAD, March 2 (AKnews)- The State of Law Coalition and the Iraqiya List have reached an initial agreement to run for the coming elections of the local councils in Baghdad province under a joint list.

An informed politician who wished to remain anonymous said that the proposal was discussed with the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who leads the SLC, and he voiced his approval.

The source said, however, there is a component of the Iraqiya alliance (led by Maliki's elections rival Ayad Allawi) which is against the proposal. He did not name the party. But there are efforts to convince the refusing party.

This alliance is so far for elections of local councils of towns, cities, and districts of only Baghdad province. Uniting for the same elections in the other provinces has not been discussed yet.

The report comes only four days after PM received a delegation from Renewal List of Iraqiya alliance which is led by Vice President Tareq Hashemi. VP is charged with terrorism. He has denied the charges and fled to Iraqi Kurdistan region.

The alleged agreement is made while tensions between the Iraqiya and NA and especially with SLC are still high over the issues of Hashemi and the sacked deputy PM Saleh Mutlag. Mutlag, who is also a leader in Iraqiya alliance, described Maliki as a "destructive dictator" which led to his dismissal.

Iraqiya won 2009 public elections with 91 seats. SLC came second with two less seats. The SLC joined the major Shiite parties and formed the largest bloc in the House of Representatives, the National Alliance which in the end reinstated Maliki as PM.

There are some ranks in the NA who are beginning to voice their opposition to Maliki. The Shiite radical cleric, Muqtada Sadr whose Sadr Bloc holds 40 seats in the House, also described Maliki as a "dictator."

By Abdullah Sabri