Economist: "flexibility" the government does not have access to new revenue to fill budget deficit

12/20/2015 18:16 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Detection economist Maytham and coffee, on Sunday, for the lack of "flexibility" with the central government in getting new revenues to meet the 2016 budget deficit.

The coffee's / scales News /, that "for the past past 6 the government has not been able public expenditure management properly and save money," adding that "the government" remiss "There is no has a" flexible "enough to get a revenue bridge the 2016 budget deficit."

He said economic expert, said, "There are many solutions affect the Iraqi economy and raise a little bit from the treasury of the government," pointing out that "the government is not serious in the search for other revenue except dependence on oil."

This "stressed the economic expert on behalf of Antoine's / scales News /, earlier, the federal government has made borrowing only way to bridge the fiscal deficit for next year," .anthy 29 / z 3