Jones: WE founder of the American Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and our companies have a tremendous investment opportunities in Iraq

2015-12-20 20:31:33 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Confirmed US ambassador to Iraq, said on Sunday that US companies have a tremendous investment opportunities in Iraq, he said the embassy encouraged American companies to work in Iraq, and while pointing to re-establish the Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce, referring to the help of some Iraqi ministries organization.

Jones said in a program of dialogue in the Ambassador house show on the long space that "American companies have investment opportunities tremendous here in Iraq, and this applies to all types of American companies," noting that "at the present time US companies in Iraq working in the field of oil just see this It is to be expected and they are doing a good job and the embassy is working to encourage other companies to come to Iraq in terms of the need to provide job opportunities for them and this is where we spend a lot of time. "

He added Jones that "these companies if they want to come to Iraq and work there must be an environment that allows the application of the principle of equal opportunities in terms of if they want to enter into a tender or contracts available for her, they need assurances that they will be treated fairly and we need to improve the working environment here in Iraq so that we can bring those American companies here. "

The ambassador noted that "the concerns of US companies from investing in Iraq does not differ much from their concerns to invest in other countries where it is difficult to come to Iraq as a new project," asserting that "Thanks to the leadership of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will see more American companies in Iraq based investment projects in the Iraqi market, where they are often emboldened after the reform steps and firm position of corruption. "

Jones and that "one of the things we have made during the period of my stay here was the re-establishment of the American Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and so have American companies own forum here in Iraq, to ​​be able to attend and cooperate with each other to develop the work environment," pointing out that "the embassy is working to provide technical assistance in certain ministries to improve regulatory frameworks and at the invitation of the Iraqi government as well as we are working to encourage US companies to come to Iraq. "