Dawa Party: Some used the "Shiite ruling" to download the Shiites responsibility for what is going on

Sunday 20 December 2015 | 19:14

BAGHDAD / .. The leader of the Dawa Party on the Keywords, Monday, that the use of some of the word "Shiite ruling" in Iraq comes to load the Shiites responsible for what is happening in the country.

Keywords and said for "Eye Iraq News", "The Iraqi government is a government of national partnership of all sects and religions participate and there is no monopoly of the Shia power and everyone assumes Responsibility for what is happening in Iraq and the political Vaketl participate in the government representing all sects and nationalities," noting that "the use of Some of the word "Shiite ruling" in Iraq comes to load the Shiites responsibility. "

He said the "Shiites in Iraq are oppressed communities, especially in the time of Saddam and are now of offering sacrifices to protect Iraq and the liberation of its territory from Aldoaash as they made martyrs for the liberation of the western regions inhabited by our brothers of the year and this shows that Iraqis are united in war and peace."

The MP from the coalition of Iraqi forces Abdel Azim and Healing, on Sunday, that "the Shiite ruling" in Iraq did not succeed in my terror and the Baath Party, and as pointed out that the year is a problem in Iraq is not easy, called on the government to accommodate the Sunnis militarily and bring them back to their areas. Ended 9