Dhi Qar: 175 company contracts disintegration of investment projects

2012 2015
Nasiriyah / News Network Iraq confirmed the local government in Dhi Qar province said 175 construction company had applied for the annulment of contracts or suspend its work in the worker in the province of investment projects, as part of a national plan provides a legal way out for those companies with the government's inability to secure the financial dues. He said Technical Associate Administrator of the governor of Dhi Qar Alaa Hassan in a press statement today: that the local government in Dhi Qar, based on a decision of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers No. 347, offered to construction companies in the province, the possibility to apply for the dissolution of their contracts or stop work until the end of the financial crisis without measures Akabah.wachar that the government has already received 175 requests termination of contracts or stop the work of the total 250 projects under way in cities across the province He explained that the local government Based on the same resolution expressed their willingness to resolve any disagreement with the construction companies in the process of measuring achievement in projects under implementation or the so-called current Baldhira He explained that the province had thus formed a complete vision about the size of completed projects and the remainder of it and the size of its debts to construction companies.