Deputy: Vice-we do not know for frequent Gaabathm and chairman of the parliament of double dealing to them

2012 2015
Criticized the MP for the National Alliance, treated the presidency of parliament in the House of Representatives recording absences.
Majida al-Tamimi said in a press statement that "some MPs who have irregularities has not taken any action on them and there are others is always present in and attending a month or two months to one session or two, but for the dismissal We do not see any action."
She added, "I, for example, come out of the meeting to attend a meeting of the Finance Committee as a member or even just for the receipt of the book and when you record attendance during the documentary that is absent On the other hand there are deputies to Anarafhm even see them, or why the accident because of Aevsalon Gaabathm ?!".
She Tamimi that "the presidency of the parliament when traveling abroad take deputies appointed with it and these people are in every presidential trips as if they were a common factor with it," confirmed "the existence of many of the points the imbalance in the House of Representatives will prepare its formal report because we address the imbalance starting from the House of Representatives and we will continue this topic ".
She MP for the National Alliance to "the performance of parliament legislative term first second legislative year, saying" the legislative term past it was a lot of bills that are included in the sessions table to read the first and second and the other took the role of the vote as the government withdrew many of the old laws existing projects Since the previous sessions for review by the changes taking place oil resources, because some of the projects were within a period of prosperity and add more financial burdens of existing projects have projects Off simple laws of committees and stayed and there is no accumulated then. "
The House of Representatives decision Imad Youkhana, said in the third of this month that Parliament conduct a continuous cut the amount of $ 500 000 dinars for each day of absence from the salary of the deputies.
He said Youkhana, in a press statement that "we do not have the absence of a continuous and reached the dismissal or change absent, but will be according to the law absent warning and we have deputies are licensed officially sick leave does not exceed the legal limit which is 90 days during the two legislative consecutive and these cases so far did not get in Parliament dismissal".
"I do not have a deputy does not attend the final and receive a salary and not be deducted from his salary for the period of absence," pointing "Maybe there is a group of deputies always absent and whenever absence up to ten days is sending a letter to the Presidency to alert the deputy that his absence exceeding ten days for adjusts the position Some deputies in the popular crowd and others sick leave or unusual or other circumstance prevented him from coming to Parliament. "
He Youkhana that "a salary cut continuously absent, as are cut 500 000 for each day absent for each session and the desire to reduce salaries to less than 50%, especially after the application of the new salary ladder."