Peshmerga forces kill 250 element of Daash

Sunday December 20 2015

Massoud Barzani, president of Iraq's Kurdistan region, announced the deaths of more than 250 members of the terrorist organization Daash during military confrontations with Kurdish Peshmerga forces that have taken place in the past few days.

Barzani said, during a meeting Saturday with a number of military commanders at the center of "Ba'shiqah" east of the city of Mosul in northern Iraq: It is more than a month and organize Daash attend to these attacks on the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and they were great attacks but their losses were greater.

In a related context, it announced a source in the leadership of the joint forces operations in Iraq, four members of the organization Daash killed in armed clashes southeast of the city of Fallujah in western Iraq.

He pointed out the source said, in a statement, that the Iraqi security forces clashed with terrorist elements during provided to clear areas near the Signature Bridge southeast of Fallujah, killing four terrorists.

For his part, Iraqi security source said that the elements of the terrorist organization Daash, executed, made up of nine people, including three women and an elderly man in Hamdaniya district east of the city, "Mosul" in northern Iraq, on charges of collaborating with Kurdish Peshmerga forces Iraqi families.

The source added that the terrorist organization the oldest on the execution of 12 civilians throwing from the top of a building in downtown Mosul on various charges.