Calm and prudence passed the budget despite the difficult circumstances

Kamal Dagher

Sunday, December 20 0.2015

Economic conditions experienced by Iraq tragic certainly, and perhaps the contained oil (the fact that oil is the only source of Iraq) does not meet the needs of the country, but that prices threatened to fall again making Iraq in front of a real problem, especially since the country has become accustomed to the explosive budgets, making it It expands on the operational and investment budgets and big waste of money without rationing or study Court.

Iraq's budget included a deficit of nearly (20) Twenty billion dollars, and this is a large sum to a country like Iraq is passing through its economy with all these internal and external difficult circumstances. Iraq was before the economic crisis has a lot of money and budgets of explosive may be sufficient, each to the reconstruction of Iraq fully, but the problem does not lie in the large number of money or shortage only, then budgets despite its immense size, but it was only acknowledges their hard-earned Iraq remains in a state of tension for three or four months it is expected to parliament and the government agree on a final version, and often they pass mysteriously discovered later that the money was interference in the corridors of corruption and theft disguised in ways that only God knows and firmly grounded in the looting.

The problem does not stop at the budget figure, but in the lame-processors that have been pursuing in the past, budget for 2014, for example, did not acknowledge originally, and no one knew until this hour, where he went nearly $ 150 billion of the money, because the problem is how to follow the money, and before So how in the disbursement and ways of their investment even if a few.

Today, and despite everything that surrounds Iraq of problems at all levels, the most prominent economic problems and falling oil prices and increased expenses due to the fighting with al Daash terrorist and disbursements combat forces as well as security forces, as well as the problem of displaced people, many and complex and other problems, but the budget approved on time and within the constitutional frameworks sound.

If the problem in Iraq is not a problem only numbers, but we need to prudence and calm in dealing with crises as well as we need the will toward achievement, something that we were missing in the previous period, and perhaps approve the budget probably wasting a lot of concerns on Iraq's economic future and which confirms many of it now going through a very critical point, but we all hope that the wisdom in the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the calm and cooperate with the government is one of the main reasons for strength to overcome the crisis, but they have to face some political parties that are trying to disrupt the government and parliament's efforts so as not to be seen failing in the previous phase.