Banks Dhi Qar staff demonstrating against the reduction of their salaries and demanding business except Abadi

Author: HH, HUA
Editor: HH, NS

2015/12/20 12:32

Long-Presse / Dhi Qar
Dozens of banks, the province of staff of Dhi Qar, on Sunday, to protest against the reduction of their salaries in accordance with the new salary law, and demanded that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi business except from this decision, and as stressed the need for including them in the allocation of risk and fiscal responsibility, constantly demonstrations threatened in the event of non-implementation of their demands .

The head of the Banking Association in Dhi Qar Hussein Jassim al-Abadi in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "dozens of branches of government banks staff in the province demonstrated, before noon today, in front of Dhi Qar governorate building, Nasiriyah city center, to protest against the bank employees to reduce the salaries the fact that this would be contrary to the laws of the civil service, "noting that" nominal salary of government employees is a line of live and death and represents years of service and promotions. "

He said al-Abadi, that "the banking employee is still not covered all the financial allocations according to the personal discretion of the officials in the Ministry of Finance has been deprived of risk management and liability provisions," and urged Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the "excluded from the decision and not to the buyout controls the new salary law of the universe Banking institutions are not related to austerity. "

He said al-Abadi, that "the demands of the demonstrators also does not imply that the bank employee referred to the courts only after an administrative investigation in his constituency on the fact that many bank employees were victim to investigate unfair and paid a heavy price."

The President of the Banking Association in Dhi Qar, the need to "buyout allocations risk and responsibility similar to their counterparts in the finance staff people and accounts departments of the provincial coffers and money", stressing that "the bankers would continue their demonstrations in the event of non-implementation of their demands."

The Iraqi Council of Ministers, approved Tuesday (13 October 2015), the recommendations of the reform of the employees' salaries system, as agreed on the implementation of the decision for the Supreme Federal Court substances contested in the financial budget for the current 2015 law, decided to review the law for the current year.