Basra announce the result of the study indicate the budget and the number of observations

Sunday 20-12-2015 | 12:32:36

Twilight News / accused the head of the Health and Environment Committee in the provincial council in Basra, Haider al-Saadi, the Iraqi parliament passes the 2016 budget without a real and objective study.

Saadi said in a statement to the Twilight News, that the budget that in 2016 was born sterile as unrealistic and contrary to the fluctuations taking place in oil prices, noting that the local government had studied the budget, analysis and notification of the central government that the House of Representatives voted on the financial allocations without a real study as they did not vote on the issues the task of serving the citizen.

With regard to health-Saadi revealed that allocations earmarked to this sector is insufficient, which will negatively affect the lives of citizens and the provision of medical services.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted earlier in the majority on the financial budget for next year in 2016, 105 trillion and 800 billion Iraqi dinars.