Araji criticized the claimants to re-vote on the budget and says some of the material will remain ink on paper

Sunday 20-12-2015 | 8:46:33

Twilight News / cross former Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji on Sunday lamented the calls from some parliamentarians in order to re-vote on the budget for fiscal 2016, describing these calls as fall within the attempt to achieve the goals of "personal or partisan or electoral."

He said in a statement, said that "the most important duties of the House of Representatives, according to the Iraqi constitution be the adoption of the General Budget Law, if approved by the Council last week is an achievement if we compare it to previous years, which has seen a significant delay or disruption to the adoption of this law is a violation of constitutionally clear ".

He added that "we hear now, with great regret, some figures which show its opposition and its intention to push for re-vote on some of the budget law materials or submission of appeals before the Federal Court, and here we say, Where were you before the adoption of these materials ?, If true, Adeaouatkm it indicates the Tgosairkm duties when acknowledging the objection discussing it. "

He said al-Araji, that "the motivation behind those of a political nature objections is the differences between the blocs, and not the national interest as claimed by their owners, as though someone is trying to create a state of instability in the political arena in order to ensure the achievement of partisan goals, personal or even electoral".

He noted that "in any case, it would adversely affect the situation in Iraq and general government private, especially since everyone knows that the budget for this pro forma year like its predecessor (2015), namely that spending or launch allocations will be increased by 1/12 of any monthly basis and by Iraqi state imports for that month or the previous year from the sale of oil. "

And the opinion of al-Araji, that "the House of Representatives has adult when he agreed to be the price of a barrel of oil (45) dollars, by virtue of the apparently low oil prices globally, and therefore many of the paragraphs of materials, balancing materials will remain ink on paper and will remain priorities for the war effort and secure staff salaries and some other priorities Kalptaqh ration and health. "