Parliamentary Finance: corruption taint the Ministry of Finance and the State Real Estate prominent files

12.20.2015 at 10:25 (GMT Baghdad)

-moizin News special
Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, Sunday, the existence of a large corruption taint the Ministry of Finance, as pointed out that the most prominent ministry files associated with real estate State.

She said Tamimi's / scales News /, that "the Ministry of Finance marred by a lot of real estate especially regarding the state of corruption," asserting that "there are many documents on the files of corruption need to be reviewed and revised schedule for the final out a feed her."

She added, "The investigation of the State Real Estate file needs time could be up to a month to review all the documents and file", noting that "By the date of the document could lead to the former ministers and current accounting."

This said Tamimi earlier, it "will begin to investigate Real Estate State seized by pro bono and influential politicians and government officials after the completion of the adoption of the budget next year 2016 file", noting that "the investigation will take for quite some time because of the large number of screening and checked to find out about the facts and merits of the file" .anthy 29/4 e