Containment of unemployment

Author: Yasser incumbent

12/20/2015 0:00

Unemployment is a serious pest crippling development, and raised serious when the ratio is high to the extent that it can not control, no country in the world free of unemployment, but the proportions varying between countries, Maehmna Hostvhalha in the country and how to deal with it in order to contain it to the fact that the possibility of elimination .

Starting the unemployment indicators are determined in the jobless rate for the work of the size of the labor capable to work for lack of opportunities, and perhaps the most prominent causes stop the productive sectors entirely work for the country's dependence on indiscriminate import which flooded the market.

We did not come anything new in this analysis but there is another reason biggest influence is the poor planning in the smooth flow of university outputs, where the country has not seen an expansion like the one happened in the area to accommodate all high school outcomes in the provision of university seats for them and this expansion is ill-advised for the state's inability to absorb them in its institutions.

To Anni the expansion line but how to deal with him is planned and required treatment of the matter and the solution is to unleash the private sector to absorb this important segment remains an open question Is that the private sector is able to absorb these numbers? There is no doubt that getting a college degree is a legitimate right certainly but devote this culture without the future of a particular Hokto, required diversity of these terms of reference especially technical and those related to the graduation of operational technical batches can management and operation of mega-projects, have emptied the country of technical competencies and terms of reference and that is the Iraqi hands technical labor adopting other countries when will be compensated then?

Contain unemployment permission required from directing human resources in the right direction and then activate the productive sectors and give the private sector an opportunity to move towards actors run projects that absorb labor, and austerity must be the case of indiscriminate import and rely on the national product and it can contain and reduce unemployment lineage with the impossibility of elimination.