Economic parliamentary: wide changes in the investment law to encourage foreign investors

Date: 12/19/2015 09:22 50

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He called a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, Saturday, investors to visit Iraq and see the security, political and economic reality, and not rely on some of the media, to know the internal situation in the country, indicating that large-scale changes in investment and structuring investment institutions of law in Iraq, to encourage investors foreigners.

She said Najib told / information /, that "Iraq is a fertile ground for investment, can foreign investors to grow their investments for the privileged," noting that "the government is trying to find a political, security and economic reforms, as well as the fight against corruption through practical mechanisms, backed by what can be adopted in the amendment of the Investment Law and encourage investors. "

And it called on investors to "not to believe some foreign media and Arabic, which is trying to undermine Iraq through tarnish his image transparent, while investors demanded to visit the country, and see the true reality of the size of the possibility of investing in it."

It is said that the budget in 2016 are free of investment projects, due to the large deficit suffered by the budget following a drop in oil prices, and this requires the economy, according to experts in the country to resort to opening the doors to investment Msraih.anthy / 25 u