World Bank forced Iraq to "off" appointments for three years and "increase" the electricity tariff and "cut" government subsidies

12/19/2015 21:17

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

I got "tomorrow Press" on the World Bank loan to the Iraqi government, which was launched two days before the text of the protocol, and provides for the activation of the electricity tariff and to stop the appointments in the state for a period of 3 years.

The protocol includes a series of measures imposed by the World Bank on the Iraqi government over the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

And it stipulates the need for measures to reduce associated gas flaring up to 2018, and the approval of the Cabinet on the electricity tariff approved in the cabinet, and implemented to reduce support and increase revenue.

It also included a recruitment freeze in the public sector by not granting new functional degrees for 3 years with the exception of priority, such as health sectors, and the need to restructure public enterprises, and improve the competitive environment between government banks, and reduce public spending, by improving the social protection network efficiency and the exclusion of non-covered of them, and filter the information base of retirees who are not eligible to receive pensions, and approval of the Cabinet on the part of decision-making for the management of government investment that has been prepared in coordination between the Ministry of Planning and the World Bank's operations, and an order from the Council of Ministers to freeze the appointments in the public sector, and create a partition for the administration to public debt in the Ministry of Finance.

The government has failed to impose electricity tariff due to mounting public anger about the high wages of electricity, also failed to activate the private sector to absorb the increasing rates of unemployment among young people.