We will appeal the Federal Court on the deduction of 3% of employees' salaries

MP from the Badr revealed the gift of hope Nazarene block, Saturday, intention and some lawmakers to appeal to the Federal Court against one of the paragraphs of the budget, which provides for the deduction of the amount of 3% of salaries and transfer 60% of the popular crowd and displaced 40%.
He said the Nazarene in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "the popular crowd support from the citizens, particularly the southern and central provinces and therefore should not cut the proportion of salaries, because they Astrechsoa their lives for Iraq either exposure to strengthened their dependents is a red line."
She said, "deducting a percentage of employees' salaries with the percentage deducted from the first grades during the pass the Council of Ministers of the salary scale is a burden on the employee the fact that most of them can not afford his salary to provide a decent living for his family as well as that the people of the southern and central provinces and the people of the capital of Kano collecting monthly to support the Champions donations Crowd People with money and weapons for the continuation of their fight force against terrorists Daash and therefore may not be members of the Council to pass this paragraph, which even included the owners of the lower grades and the government are due by increasing the budget of the crowd the doors of the exchange is necessary that put in the budget of this year and should not be loaded shorten the Government towards Rizk citizen ".
She pointed out that "the allocation of 40% of the deductions of employees' salaries for the displaced is illogical fact that displaced people, mostly stationed in Dohuk, Baghdad and Basra, Dhi Qar as well as the rest of the southern and central provinces and the citizens of those provinces as well as their local governments are carried under the auspices of the displaced and housed was not the role of the government is clear in this regard and therefore must be that the government ensures deduct amounts from the occupied provinces salaries of Daash and allocated to families displaced not customization be central and is loaded those deductions on the shoulders of the citizens in the South East and the Euphrates, which oversees the sons of those provinces to support their children in the popular crowd and take care of their brethren displaced from areas Bank who are in their provinces. "
And revealed the Nazarene that "after these facts decided some MPs file an appeal in the Federal Court after the Republic Presidency approval of the budget and published newspaper the facts in order to become law in effect allowed to challenge it in court," indicating that "the request and the request of some Congress mandating that the deduction of provincial employees' salaries Bank who answer them support their families Almhjerin.vi areas close to the place of their residence ".

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