Canada announces its participation with the Peshmerga in repelling the attack near Mosul Daash

Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan announced that Canadian troops participated in a counter-attack of the Kurdish security forces to organize Daash in Iraq, but Ottawa is still determined to withdraw from the region Popeye.
The minister said Friday in a statement that "the elements of our special forces helped finally Kurdish security forces in the intervention experienced a coordinated attack launched by Daash organization in northern Iraq."
He said that the attackers were infiltrated a short time to the defensive positions of the Kurdish forces, adding that the military Canadians "provided counseling to Kurdish forces and helped her to launch a counter-attack and to restore their lines of defense",
Any Canadian soldier was hurt in this process has started last Thursday with the participation of the F16 fighter aircraft.
In response to a question about the process during a visit to London, he said Canadian Defense Minister said his country "has no plans to switch its decision, announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the judge to withdraw from the six fighter jets F--18 of the region."
The Peshmerga forces engaged strikes at dawn on Friday backed the international coalition led by the United States for the biggest attack by terrorists Daash gangs in Iraq five months ago, according to US military officials said.
A source in the Peshmerga forces, on Friday, the death of 40 Daashaa element in a village south-east of Mosul.
US officials said the deaths of about 180 element of Daash in the attacks, which began Wednesday and lasted until Thursday morning Almadi.