Proceed with the privatization of the electricity distribution sector and warns of turning stations for "scrap" the lack of allocations

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Revealed the Ministry of Electricity, said on Saturday its intention to privatize the distribution sector through an agreement with investors to do to erect a smart metrics and the collection of funds and maintenance, while warning of turning plants into "junk" because of lack of maintenance for the lack of financial allocations, confirmed the increased energy consumption of eight to 11 A megawatt recently as a result of hypothermia.
Said Mohammed Fathi, a spokesman for the Minister of Electricity Office, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The ministry introduced the electric power distribution to citizens 24 hours a day by investing" project, noting that "a large number of companies began moving to implement the project."
He added Fathi, that "the ministry referred the project in the areas of Zayouna and Mansour and others to a local company," noting that "the investing company is setting up a small power plant, according to the need of the region concerned, ranging in size from five to ten megawatts, and the collects money from citizens every month."
The spokesman for the Office of the Minister of Electricity, "not to oppose the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives on the project because it will benefit the citizens will be the participation of the Ministry of Electricity."
And on new projects, said Fathi, that "the ministry is working to obtain official approval for the introduction of companies implement their projects through payment on credit," pointing out that "the ministry has been able to secure an increase in electricity consumption as a result of low temperatures, from eight thousand megawatts to 11 or Alpha 12 "
The spokesman, that "the lack of fuel in electric power plants continuing problems so far, as some are turned off because of that," he continued that "the lack of financial allocations to the ministry also had an impact in their work and their ability to maintain private stations in this golden time which is best suited for that."
He warned Fathi, of the consequences of "turning some stations to scrap as a result of maintenance work stopped because of lack of financial allocations," Msttrda that "the ministry after the reduced allocations within the budget of 0.2016 meet only ten percent of the needs of the ministry."
For his part, he said a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The creation of a joint stock company project includes government and private generator owners stopped."
He explained the teacher, that "the ministry met some time ago with the owners of generators and introduced them to the project aimed Bmlabhm ball," adding, "but the owners did not agree generators, including what led to leave the offline project."
According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, that "the ministry implemented a new project in the interest of the electrical system and the citizen," noting that it "includes the privatization of the distribution sector, where the division of the capital Baghdad and the provinces, to the 180 area, and started a lot of invested companies to submit their offers."
He said the teacher, that "three shops in Zayouna district, is 710 712 and 714, will be the first to apply that experience, after referring the subject of processing electrically to one of the investors for a period of five years, to receive a percentage of the levy funds," pointing out that "the investor will Service process and the collection of monthly wages of citizens according to the tariff currently in place, to be equipped with electricity 24 hours a day. "
He went a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, said, "The investor will be placed smart measures to control the distribution process and the payment accounted for 80 percent of the area Ziyouna maintenance sectors, staff wages, that the Ministry provide spare parts for maintenance of the converter and up to that equips is the other articles of wire cutters Course".
The teacher, that "the project does not include the establishment of obstetric stations, where the ministry will stick to the processing power is limited to the investor on the collection and service only" work, and added that "The ministry is experiencing delays in the launch of the financial allocations within in the current 2015 budget, as they did not receive 10 percent of which only despite near its end. "
He acknowledged the spokesman, "the reluctance of maintenance programs in preparation for the season next summer 2016 due to delays in the launch of the financial allocations, what will affect the electrical system," and continued that "The ministry has not implemented any project remotely by payment on credit being awaiting Cabinet approval for the implementation of energy transmission lines projects so style. "
He revealed the teacher, for "Showing the ministry's website 19 gas station to invest, to set up units where the vehicle based on a partnership with investors."
The Baghdad Provincial Council announced in (the eighth of December the current 2015), his intention to coordinate with the Ministry of Electricity to set up small power stations in the capital in the fastest time, and with the Supreme Judicial Council to develop a legal conditioning allows him to punish the owners of the civil generators violators of his instructions, indicating that Select price Amp equipped for citizens of six thousand dinars for this December.
Iraq has suffered a shortage of electricity since the beginning of the year 1990, and increased hours of power rationing after the year 2003, in Baghdad and the provinces, because made a lot of stations as well as sabotage attacks on facilities over the past years, with increased hours of power cuts for citizens to about twenty hours per day, as witnessed during the last term significant improvement as continued operating hours to about 23 hours, especially after the low temperatures.