Tentative agreement on a draft agenda of the meeting the national


Araji, "morning": Linking national meeting of the summit of its success weakens
Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif
said a member of the Preparatory Commission for an initial agreement on the draft agenda of the national meeting.
said the head of the parliamentary Liberal MP Bahaa al-Araji, a member of the Committee: "We want to be in front of national gathering expanded to solve all the problems, that not only address existing Iraqi or coalition of state law or the National Alliance, but we want to develop strategy and plans for the new Iraq with the exit of the occupying forces. "
Araji said in a statement the "morning" that "hold the national meeting after or before the summit will not matter at all, but at the same time, we should not be a date for the conference is open, but must have a specific timeframe, "he said, adding that what is important in this subject is the agenda, which should accommodate all the existing problems between the central government and the provinces, regions and blocs of political and state institutions with each other and that the solution would be constitutional.
He expressed the hope that the developed mechanisms, according to a certain time period and in accordance with the Constitution or that the constitutional institutions to resolve these issues, stressing that linking the National Congress to (before or after) the Arab summit weakens of the national meeting.
Araji added by saying: "If this is the paper and all things ready before the Arab Summit, this is a good thing, but we should not commit ourselves in this matter," and expressed his belief that the summit had been held in Baghdad, this gives a sense of the existence of consensus and elite political in the country.
He also expressed hope that the complexity of the Arab summit in Baghdad, confirming the presence of some Iraqi political leaders do not want to hold this summit that if it succeeds, it will be recorded to a particular government.
and warned al-Araji, the presence of the completion of the draft agenda for the meeting of the National, which agreed to general lines about by the masses, indicating that the next meeting or later will be going into details of the agenda to be a working paper for the meeting of the national prospective.
The Iraqi List, has threatened to withdraw from the government if the National Conference was held after the Arab summit, while the MP for the current Liberal Ali al-Timimi "morning" for the number of political blocs 100 points, especially the authorities of the three, was described as a member of the Preparatory Committee for the Iraqi List, Dr. Salim Abdullah Jubouri meetings of the Committee to "traditional."
, said MP for the Iraqi List, Dr. Ashour Karbouli that there is no justification for the change date of the National Congress until after the Arab summit, returned him as would lose its value after the Summit.
added Karbouli "morning" that "the national meeting is a conference internally it is not related either closely or remotely, to the Summit," noting that "it is supposed to be held as scheduled and would prefer to be close, because the problem may solve the bulk of them before the Arab summit to go all the political blocs to the summit without any problems. "
and expressed regret that the lack of good faith by the political blocs is one of the places these endings bulk, as he put it.
It is hoped to hold a preparatory committee for the national meeting of its sixth meeting on Friday at the home of Vice President of the Republic Dr. Khodair al amid optimism out with positive results from this meeting.