Parliamentary Finance: 2016 austerity budget is considered and approved in a small record time

2015/12/19 16:31

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar al-Abadi said that "the 2016 austerity budget is considered and approved in a small service to the citizens record time.

He said al-Abadi told {Euphrates News} on Saturday that "the interventions that took place in the discussion of the most professional budget in 2016", adding that "in last year's budget expansion was challenged by the government."

He added that "the current budget is considered, austerity and the pressure of expenses "asserting that" concerted efforts and the feeling that Iraq is going through a financial crisis has been approving the budget in record time service to the country.

House of Representatives Minutes normal and the sound of last Wednesday, on the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016.

The estimated value of the federal budget for the fiscal year revenues in 2016 amount 81 Trliuna, and 700 billion and 803 million, and 138 000 dinars, depending on the calculation of the price of oil export rate at $ 45 per barrel, with an average export of $ 3 million, 600 thousand barrels per day, including 250 000 barrels of crude oil quantities in the Kurdistan region, and 300 000 barrels Using the province of Kirkuk.

The allocated budget amount of $ 105 trillion and 895 billion, 22 million, and 619 000 dinars for the expenditures for the fiscal year 2016, while the total deficit 24 Trliuna, and 194 billion dollars, and 919 million people, and 481 000 Danar.anthy reached