6 thousand Italian and British troops are preparing to train Libyan forces to confront Daash
19-12-2015 11:02 AM

US plans went out the development of private land on the Libyan forces into the open yesterday after US soldiers were forced to withdraw from the Libyan air base surrounded by local militia inside and asked them to leave Libya immediately.
This is the first time that disclosure formally where the presence of US troops in Libya centered around the main task is to collect information on the organization Daash who builds himself a fortified stronghold in the city of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast.

And it recognized the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) they sent a team of elite forces "commandos" to Libya, thus confirming earlier information that may be referred to the presence of special teams Western on Libyan territory conducting reconnaissance and monitoring of the movements of organizing Daash, and other jihadist organizations in preparation for military intervention west in Libya .

It came just hours after Britain declaring its willingness to send a thousand soldiers to help, within a workforce of six thousand troops led by the Italian, the training of Libyan army on the face of the organization Daash in Sirte.

London also said it was ready to send special teams would be responsible for monitoring the movements of Daash, and enable them to have sophisticated weapons at any time of the hit high-value targets within the organization, as well as the targeting of people-smuggling gangs deployed in the country.

Said Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Baldanza, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon said in remarks published yesterday, said that a group of US military personnel "were forced to leave Libya after their arrival in the west of the country near the base of Zintan in order to avoid clashes with members of a local Libyan militias."

She explained that on the fourteenth of December, "A group of US military personnel to Libya to strengthen relations and closer communication with officials of the Libyan army."

And denied in their statements to be "US military access to Libya was secretly," and stressed that "it was in coordination with Libyan officials."

Libyan sources in the western mountain area and confirmed that an American military transport aircraft of the type "C-130" has landed in the Libyan Wattayah military base on Monday, and was carrying twenty element of American commandos, accompanied by a Sudanese interpreter.

She added that the Libyan military force in Wattayah base, cordoned off the plane and forced the US commando squad to leave after about 45 minutes of arrival.

And picked up social networking sites pictures of the plane and a number of members of the American power in Wattayah base, which lies about 15 kilometers from the Tunisian border, and about 150 kilometers southwest of the Libyan capital Tripoli, which is currently under the control of the commander of the western region, Colonel Idris material.

The material is subject to the command of the Commander in Chief of the Libyan Army Gen. Khalifa Haftar, which is allied with the internationally recognized Tobruk Parliament.

Emanating from Tobruk parliament in more than one occasion Western military intervention in Libya to fight al Daash government did not mind, but the lack of coordination with the nearby base of Wattayah Zintan militia was the reason behind the physical speed up the deportation of US soldiers, according to Libyan sources he said.

Air the course taken by the American aircraft to reach the Wattayah base is not known, however sources who spoke for "Arabs" not ruled out that the aircraft may be flying in an atmosphere of Tunisia before landing at the base mentioned.