Work: monitoring more than (3) thousands of irregularity in industrial projects
December 19, 2015


Spotted the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, on Saturday, more than (3) thousands of infringement on projects covered by legal action (71) 1987 social security in force in workshops and industrial projects while conducting periodic inspections in Baghdad and other provinces this year.

Spokesman of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs Ammar Menem in a news release received "agency" economy, that "the Ministry monitored (3378) contrary to labour law applicable Iraqi (71) 1987 Social Security Act in force (39) of 1971 in workshops and industrial projects from 2/1 to 31/10/2015, (321) spotted last month by conducting periodic inspections to ensure no violation through official records and questioning employees Individually or collectively before the employer or away from him. "

"Administrative actions infringing projects included directing (2035) tenbia, and (1012) a preliminary and two final warning, as well as (297) refer to the labour courts competent to issue penalties such as fines or imprisonment."

The Ministry seeks to ensure coverage of all employees in industrial projects of social security for workers ", pointing out that" c n inspection refer the employer to the competent court in case of discovered that did not include full employment, social security, labour inspectors are entitled to enter the premises without warning during business hours to monitor the application of legal security and labour force ".