Member of the Finance Parliamentary: 2016 budget is not austerity

18 12 2015
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Stressed the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Majida al-Tamimi, said Friday that the general budget for 2016 approved by the House of Representatives is not "austerity", as pointed out that the budget will see further reductions.
Said al-Tamimi in an interview with Alsumaria News's, he said that "the general budget for 2016 approved by the House of Representatives, last Wednesday, the amount exceeded 94 billion dollars, not austerity," asserting that "the amount of 94 billion dollars, a large number compared Estimated revenue which starved the budget." Parliamentary Finance: Budget Law Saisalna during the next two days the parliamentary Finance: 2016 budget comprehensive and took into consideration all the observations
Tamimi said, that "the budget in the coming period will see further reductions," pointing to "reduce the higher grades in the presidents and ministers, as well as reduce deployment costs by 50%."
The House of Representatives voted in (16 December 2015), on the draft budget law for fiscal 2016 valued at more than 105 trillion dinars, while keeping the share of the Kurdistan region of 17% of the budget.