Karbala protesters calling for the formation of a central committee for the detection of billions "missing" from the state treasury

2015-12-18 19:42:49 | (Voice of Iraq) - Karbala

New dozens of demonstrators in the city of Karbala on Friday, demands the reform of the judicial system and activating the role of the prosecutor, and as they demanded the formation of a central committee graduate to detect hundreds of billions "missing" from the state treasury, called for political blocs to assess its members and disclose their financial interests.

The head of the organizing committee for the demonstrations in Karbala, Ehab Jawad, in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "dozens of residents of Karbala resumed today their demonstrations, in the courtyard of the popular uprising Karbala city center, towards the government headquarters in the province, to demand the government, both local and central reforms after that we stopped for more than three weeks because of religious events in the province, "noting that" today is witnessing the participation of Tazahratna toast of the various segments of the artists themselves. "

He said Jawad, that "our demands did not differ from the demands of the previous demonstrations in the dismissal of the Chief Justice, Medhat al-Mahmoud and reform of the judicial system, as well as the necessity of activating the role of the prosecutor in all courts to enable it to take its role in opening the files of corruption in various government institutions and the disclosure of thieves of public money and prosecuted. "

He explained Jawad, that "our demands also included a call for the formation of a central higher committee for the detection of hundreds of missing billions from the state treasury unveiled by some members of the House of Representatives," noting that "the demonstrators demanded the reopening of the interrogation of Karbala governor Akil Turaihi file and resolve the Investment Authority in the province and formed in accordance with the standards of competence and integrity as well as the claim of the political blocs assessment of its members in the provincial council and reveal their financial interests and to hold corrupt and Almtlkian them. "

The capital Baghdad and 10 Iraqi provinces are (Babylon, Karbala, Najaf, Diwaniyah and Muthanna, Dhi Qar, Wasit, Maysan, Basra and Diyala) is witnessing massive demonstrations since more than a month to condemn the poor services and corruption in government institutions and the judiciary, resulting in many of the reforms announced by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.