A delegation from the private sector looking Abadi office with ways to support the Iraqi economy


BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. A delegation from the private sector with the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, ways to support the Iraqi economy.

In a statement to the private sector it received / Baghdadi News /, "The delegation of the private sector on Monday a brief summary morning visited 12/14/2015 and headed by Mr. Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, head of the investment and the Iraqi Reconstruction Development Center Office of the Prime Minister to discuss and find a mechanism and a way to pay overdue private sector dues "noting that" the delegation consisted of (Saadi and flames Sehud, and Mohammed Jawad al-Jubouri, and Sadeq Kazim Mashat, and Adel Rahim al-Moussawi, and Adham pottery, and Haidar Saleh Shenawa, and Tariq high-Jubouri, and Qais Hamid Al-Wazzan). "

The statement added that "the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Mahdi Keywords received the delegation, stressed the desire of the Prime Minister the need to support the private sector," explaining that "it is necessary to find a solution to the private sector pay late dues to the government."

He noted that the "Keywords told the delegation that the cell crisis, which is hoped to meet next Wednesday will be discussed among the curriculum proposal submitted by a number of private sector companies to the Governor of the Central Bank and the Office of the Prime Minister and the private issuance of sovereign bonds by the Ministry of Finance, which had previously been approval and approved previously, that are purchased and liquidated by the Central Bank of Iraq. "

The statement noted "the importance of finding the mechanism required to reduce the accrued benefits of outstanding private sector loans, government and private banks as well as to stop the renewal and reduce the amount of letters of guarantee in parallel with the achieved ratios for the completion of projects, and advocacy to support the private sector, as well as expressed the problems and challenges of government institutions."

"I have also talked about the reform packages, including the launch of initiatives lending for financing small projects and the financing of industrial, agricultural and housing projects, to support sustainable development and the private sector, to take its place and its role in supporting the national economy, as well as the formation of a committee to follow up the achievements of the ministries about the axes supporting the private sector, which are up to 10 axes. "

The statement stressed that "the delegation expressed the necessity of cooperation to cross this difficult phase and the need to involve the private sector in all economic commissions to give his opinion and clarify its position and to explain their problems and propose solutions to them, as well as touched the audience about the customs tariff and the proposed mechanisms to be applied, in addition to the necessity of activating the laws that operate on supporting the national economy. "

He stressed "the need to protect the national product, consumer protection, anti-dumping and anti-monopoly If Maflt these laws combined with the customs tariff law, they will be the key to success for the advancement of the national economy and all economic initiatives, including the government's initiative to lend 5 trillion dinars" .anthy 21 / T