Industry: Production of cement arrived for 15 million tons per year and the government will prevent imported during 2016

2015-12-17 23:59:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Karbala

The Minister of Industry and Minerals, Mohammed al-Darraji, Thursday, for the operation of the power plant laboratory Karbala Cement 34 megawatts card, while between that plant production reached 750 thousand tons per year and has become a cover affiliates salaries, confirmed that the government would ban the import of cement starting in next in 2016.

He said al-Darraji, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), and a number of media, this evening, on the sidelines of his visit to Karbala, "The electricity Karbala Cement Plant Station, set up by the French company Lafarge invested for the plant, began work today, card up to 34 MW, "noting that" the Council of Ministers ended the French company's constraints and canceled a decision to terminate the investment contract and leave the country, which was bound by it. "

The minister added, "The production capacity of the plant Karbala Cement reached 750 thousand tons per year, making the plant able to affiliates salaries of insurance", noting that "the Council of Ministers decided to stop importing cement starting from next year in 2016, after the local production reached, by the public and private sectors and mixed, to 15 million tons per year. "

The French company Lafarge has contracted with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, in 2010, to invest Karbala Cement Plant, making it the first foreign company to invest in the province, where the company announced its intention to rehabilitation and operation of the plant and increase production, as well as the development of its personnel skills.