Central auction sold more than $ 42 billion since the beginning of the year with suspicions of corruption

1712 2015

According to statistics of the Central Bank of Iraq to sell more than $ 42 billion in the auction of the currency since the beginning of this year until Wednesday.

According to statistical According to the website of the bank that "the quantity sold to banks from the date of 01.04.2015 until 16.12.2015 was 42 billion and 843 million and 611 and $ 504."

Despite these large quantity sold of the auction and form the remittances of which the largest proportion, but recorded, according to the Central Bank of decline compared to the same period last year of 7 billion and 72 million and 978 thousand and $ 496 where these sales were for the period mentioned above 49 billion and 916 million and 590 thousand dollars.

The Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords announced in 20 of the month of November last that the bank reserves of foreign exchange of 60 billion dollars, "adding that" enough for six months, "noting that" the Central Bank is working on the application of parallel policy to maintain the overall stability of prices and curb inflation ".

And raised suspicions of corruption and operations of money laundering through the central bank auction where announced, specialized issues of integrity and economic crime and money laundering a misdemeanor court, on 20 August issued sentences of imprisonment and a fine against officials in the Rafidain and North after being convicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, a banner in the earlier to the presence of 20 defendants in these cases, some degree of Chairman of the Board. "

She said a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Majida al-Tamimi, said banks managers benefit from currency auction of the Central Bank between 300 to 400 million dollars a month, "pointing out that" reserve state continues to decline, as it was more than $ 80 billion and is now $ 59 billion as a result of loss of money and she went into the pockets of the corrupt. "

She pointed out that "the currency auction, which stress the cancellation of tours licenses destroyed Iraq's economy, because the money that is wasted in these two very large paragraphs and should be a serious review of the two size" referring to the "importance of a central bank governor and the first line in the administration of specialists in economics and finance , and those with advanced degrees, and experienced banking and financial Specialization side. "

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