Abadi: Thought "extremist" basis "terrorism," and we want to fight a real project Daash

2015-12-17 21:36:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi said that the world is invited to fight extremist ideology because it is the basis of terrorism, and that Daash came the doctrine of corrupt nothing to do with the Islamic religion, a project to distort Islam, so the damage this criminal gang more on Islam and Muslims from harm on others.

This came in a speech today to the Chinese media (Xinhua News Agency and Channel ccctv), which dealt with a number of issues and the relationship with China, He stressed that Iraq is looking forward to the development of bilateral cooperation in all areas, and that China can play a major role in the fight against terrorism as a state permanent members of the UN Security Council, and to provide a lot of Iraq in the field of military support and weaponry and training to our troops facing Daash, and we hope to achieve our next visit to China, an increase in cooperation and expanding the participation of Chinese companies in the development of services, infrastructure and investment in the oil and energy sectors, among others.

Mr. Prime Minister, reiterated its categorical rejection of the violation of national sovereignty and to invite Turkey to withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory, in full, which entered our territory without Iraqi government approval, referring to the lapse of Iraq to take the measures necessary to maintain its sovereignty and follow up the complaint made by the UN Security Council and the Arab League action, expressing hope to issue a resolution calling on Turkey to withdraw its troops in the Security Council session called by Allehaalarac, in light of the broad support of the international community in Iraq's right to defend its sovereignty.

And about the position of the Islamic alliance that Saudi Arabia announced formation, Mr. Prime Minister, said: We were surprised by announcing not been consulted and there are fundamental mistake is to let us know the formation of this alliance after his announcement, especially since the Iraq state fights Daash on the ground, how coalition against terrorism arises and excludes Iraq but not taken to deal with Syria, and how it is formed from most countries does not have the potential and the capacity to cope with terrorism.
Added Dr. Haider Abadi, we want to fight Daash and backing and support from those countries which did not provide real help for Iraq in the face of terrorism a real project, stressing that Iraq is one of the first calling for countries to fight terrorism and guerrilla Daash at a time when much of the world believes it is immune to this danger which targets everyone.

Information Office of the Prime Minister
December 2015 17