Work: completion of 425 creditors special treatment of retired workers in Baghdad in October last

17 12 2015
Follow-up / Iraq today
It completed the Ministry of Labour and Social / retirement circle affairs and social security for workers 425 creditors special treatment workers and retirees in Baghdad in October last.
Said Director General of the Department Ali Jaafar "The creditors Affairs Department in the circuit completed transactions for retired workers in various Snovhm (old age, disability and back) who have completed service or behind them in case of death or illness." "The factor in the sectors (private, cooperative and mixed) deserves a pension after transmission to the primary and appellate medical committees and determine the proportion of the deficit on which determines the pension as well as annexation and add military career service." He pointed out that "the department provides various services to slice workers both to ensure the payment of pensions or aid and compensatory monetary rewards for them and behind them after death and exchange amounts sick leave and compensation for work-related injuries." He explained, "The Group could not pull the tally of the circuit only one year after he left work and in certain cases, as for foreign worker excludes from coverage of social security in the event of what supports the inclusion in the retirement systems or social security in his country or the country of the company in which it operates." .