Petroleum oil dollars will rain on provincial coffers next year

17 12 2015
Follow-up to Iraq today
Petroleum dollars, was and still is the most important claims, to the provinces producing oil, which is that Taatbanaha did not dim her voice never, but was moving from the open to closed for opponents of the rooms, then return after congestion differences in those rooms, the emergence of a second into the open,
It seems God knows that petrodollars trip will stop, as declared deputy coalition of state law - Khawla Ziadi: "parliamentary vote on the allocation of $ 5 to the provinces producing oil, except for the Kurdistan region," and expanded Ziadi according Manglth local agency newsworthy in detail, where we read: "The the provinces that produce crude oil, or that you filter oil derivatives, per barrel product of them, or all of 150 cubic meters a producer of natural gas, will be awarded US $ 5, "as well as take the reader note that the MP Hassan Khalati for" citizen ", he had said Wednesday: "allocation of five dollars from every barrel of oil, produced from Basra to maintain in the budget of 2016," and also mention, that the assessment of the Knesset Finance Committee to balance next year, came in this description: "a comprehensive and take into account all the notes."