Al-Otaibi confer with the Land Bank to discuss ways of joint cooperation and financing of residential projects and the possibility of lending in all Iraqi provinces


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Director General of the Department of Housing of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works Mohammed Qusay threshold announced its quest to finance housing projects in all Iraqi provinces and in cooperation and coordination with the Land Bank after obtaining the approval of the administrative authorities in the ministry, headed by Minister of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works, Tariq Kikhany,
This came during the meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held at the headquarters of the Department of Housing and the presence of a number of representatives of the ministries that serve the housing sector generally (and the Ministry of Planning - Government Contracts Department, Ministry of Finance -almsrv real estate, the General Union of cooperation, public municipalities Directorate, the secretariat of Baghdad), noting that " The Department of Housing is seeking to continuation and sustainability of work in residential projects because they serve a large segment of poor and low-income people as well as it is one of economic development factors in the country ", stressing threshold on" the need to reconsider the SERPs and the amounts obtained for the fulfillment of wages engineering services to authenticate the architectural designs, according to the Department of Law Housing, which Tih have the right to meet the engineering services wages amounting to 0.006% of the value of the project total and submitted to the ministries and other service departments and sector mixed private sector investment with authentication all architectural designs and construction, services, and website designs and bills of quantities, which is one of the reasons to maximize the Department of Housing Resources ".onaakec Board members of all sides and doors included within the Governing Council agenda in order to improve the housing sector in Iraq and provide better services for the Iraqi people