Industry: Iraq suffers from a dormant industrial intentional over the past years

1712 2015
It accused the Ministry of Industry and Minerals internal and external views of "unnamed", to work on the hit local industry and waste of hard currency in order to drain the national economy.

According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The ministry has adopted a clear and deliberate plan to revitalize national industries and activating local production by relying on the Iraqi cranks of good people and loyal to the country and people with competence and experience accumulated, efficiency and skilled."

He added that "the ministry is working hard to supplement the local market with all the production of a national real real can be produced to be a substitute for the importer," pointing to "the continued attempts by some internal and external stakeholders and malevolent and users to hit the national industry and to resort to import and dumping unjustified for the domestic market in goods and imported goods and waste Currency difficult for the purpose of draining the Iraqi economy, and to keep the Iraq-consuming countries even the most basic materials, such as prayer rug and a bottle of water and a pen writing, and others. "

The statement stressed "the pursuit and determination to face all the challenges that hinder the work of the ministry and to address each Almtakrchin and troublemakers rumors and dissension who seek to disrupt the industry and stop the right steps for meaningful and plans adopted by the ministry for the success of its work in the next phase by increasing the effectiveness of their companies and make them productive companies and contribute effectively to the development of reality economic of the country, "calling on companies to" the need to begin a new phase in the work to build a truly national industry as much as possible and the advancement of the industrial state of lethargy experienced by the country over the past thirteen years. "

He pointed to "continue a campaign slogan [Made in Iraq and face the challenges and conspiracies that hinder its steps and its plans for the development of the industrial reality in the country."

He called on all ministries and state institutions and citizens to "the acquisition of national products and to support the local industry and dispense foreign importer to Iraqi industry to recover and for the failure of all plots targeting the identity and prestige of this country and attempt to sabotage the economy."

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