TBI: corrupt behind a campaign target us

BAGHDAD / long-Presse
It called on the Trade Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, and the media to assume national responsibility and not to be dragged behind the implementation of the purposes of certain "corrupt traders and money mafias who persecuted the Jews for the purpose of bank debt discharged Returns".
He said the bank, in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of that "we have noticed recently that some media media campaign countermeasures against our bank general manager, citing the some of the permit and the information false and baseless from some of those big concern is appearing on TV screens It does not care if it was true or what they are saying this lies intended to tarnish the successful march and successes achieved by the Bank for the purpose are known to all. "
He added the bank that "at a time when we lie all the false from the false and unfounded on the lips of the cast of the right bank and his administration Information's say this means that the media one of the secrets of his success is the credibility and deliver the truth to its fans and not to be dragged behind lies some who became one-eighth known in the launch of lies and rumors to discredit the Iraqi state institutions. "
He said the bank "we are sure that your institutions have a media audience and its impact in the transfer of the popular word and honest information is a trust in your neck and constructive criticism is required and necessary, a valid case and give positive results."
Addressing the bank and the media by saying, "You Kaalam bear national responsibility not to be dragged into the implementation of the purposes of some traders and corrupt mafia money who persecuted the Jews for the purpose of bank debt discharged Returns".