Parliament scheduled to vote on the Amnesty
By: wab1
Date: Thursday, 17-12-15 12:36 am

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The parliamentary legal Committee, revealed on Wednesday, when the vote on the draft
The amnesty law, saying it will vote after the completion of the adoption of the budget, with the National Guard law returned as "divide" Iraq.

Committee Member said Ibtisam Al-hilali said in a statement obtained by the news "Baghdad", that "all discussion and exceptions to the amnesty law was completed and identified and reduced to the greatest possible number", referring to the five exceptions only in the Bill. "

"After the adoption of the general budget for the current year will be one of the most important draft amnesty legislation in the House," stressing "the Bill in the current legislative term.

Regarding the National Guard law confirmed Al-hilali "failure to reach agreement on spending", adding "there are opinions that the law does not expire until after the stability of the security situation in the country".

"It kind of law Division of Iraq and we are far from the Division of Iraq," adding that "legislative term ends by the end of this month, there were no plans to extend it."

And the National Guard Bill insists Iraqi forces Alliance, criticized legislation, rejected the popular Chief, adding to trap most of the deputies of National Alliance therefore they antagonized him the first seed for the Division of Iraq.

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