Support the national industry and national duty

2015 16 12
Painter morning

Factories and laboratories, companies and workers in this sector in large numbers but without the usefulness no factories or companies or laboratories produce and even that works and produces useless because of the negligence of previous governments that relied on import and neglected the national industry and caused the treasury emptied, and neglect indicates a lack of sense of responsibility first and the lack of planning economic and Vision II, which was reflected in the national industry, which has become a burden drain the state treasury, rather than that the industry be a source supporter of the treasury, and attrition to the extent that the factories and enterprises, companies and laboratories not be able to pay employees and their employees' salaries, and this did not happen in all States that respects itself and that happened because of the crisis or circumstance shall be for a limited period, either in Iraq, all the ingredients are available factory production companies and laboratories exist Bmkainha and mechanisms and their employees and their employees but useless despite the existence of comparable products imported product even better.

The financial crisis experienced by Iraq because of the drop in oil prices makes it imperative for the government of national industry to support and be a support to take steps responsible in order to promote the industrial sector and supports the state treasury, the first of the processing machinery and modern mechanisms and that does not mean change everyone but instead of machines dilapidated, and secondly to impose customs tariffs and taxes The importer, and not to listen to the reaction of the hypocrites, and thirdly and most importantly requiring all ministries to deal with the national product and prevent the import of countries, especially the ministries of defense and interior do not mean weapons, but we mean military clothing, body armor because it is manufactured in Iraq is no exaggeration that we have it better than imported, and can Rehabilitation facilities mic prior to making or rehabilitation of weapons, vehicles, industry gear instead of imported because we are at war and our need for weapons and equipment urgently needed, as we see most of the projects that not all imports of construction materials from abroad and Iraq not possess iron plant and cement and even bricks and Alananib imports, as the government oblige the Ministry of Commerce to buy food from factories and laboratories and Iraqi companies rather than imported from abroad

, There are products and national best from the importer but the Ministry of Commerce rejects the national product and plant sugar in Hilla example it produces sugar better than imported by the Ministry of Commerce and refused to deal with him and we saw the Iraqi sugar quality and complaint producers newscasts, and to think that there is profit illegally from the import process, the government compel it to deal with the national product, and only allow the import of non-available food, and even the Ministry of Health did not deal with the national industry but imports even injections and medicines from countries which is much lower than Iraqi products, and other ministries such as Education and imports even books printed abroad, and Iraq has a coefficient paper and printing presses have the best,

What war on the national industry for the destruction of the country's economy is happening, the government prevent the import, who suffers from operations corruption and the benefits go to the gangs in the ministries, should pay attention to the industrial sector by requiring ministries to deal with the Iraqi industry, whether plants, factories, companies belonging to the government or the private sector is important it is Iraqi industry and pour their usefulness for the benefit of Iraq, as it will kill disguised unemployment, and we hope to be the cause of the financial crisis in the promotion of the industrial sector and the advancement born from the womb of crises.