The International Monetary Fund is about to manage the Iraqi economy and deductible expenses
Wednesday 16 December 2015 - 11:37

International Monetary encase announced finalize a deal to monitor, evaluate and manage the Iraqi economy after the arrival of Iraqi international borrowing from donor countries was attributed to a high number in light of the growing economic difficulties facing the country against the backdrop of a sharp decline in oil prices.

The director of the Middle East Office of the IMF Masood Ahmed at the Dubai Economic Conference that the Fund had finished putting the final touches on the program will be applied to the Iraqi economy, through a deal will be signed during the next few days, and allow the Fund to monitor the Iraqi economy and follow the procedures economically active taken by the government Iraq, stressing, that the program is designed to cut off expenses and reduce the fiscal deficit is winning in Iraq's budget for next year, where it will be applied to them, in the words of Masood.

Massoud also stressed, that Imad program will be based on evaluation of the approaches taken by the Iraqi Finance Authority to address the financial crisis, and that will lead in the end to create a new integrated program to deal with the Iraqi economy based on the obtained data that, pointing out that Iraq had agreed Earlier in the agreement that allows the IMF to monitor its economy and financial policies Baghdad as he put it.