Parliament cancels paragraph 22 'pay electricity and vote on taxes

2015/12/16 14:26 Number of Views: 65

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: House of Representatives voted in its 45th of the legislative term of the first second legislative year, held on Wednesday, part of a series to vote on the general budget for the 2016 law, to cancel paragraph 22 own wages electricity, in addition to the vote on the tax bill. A member of the Council Amin Bakr for "tomorrow Press", "The parliament voted in its meeting today, in the vote on the budget law, to cancel paragraph 22 'pay electricity and telephone." said Baker, "as parliament voted on paragraph 25 and the judge to impose taxes on the mobile phone 20 card %, and taxes on cars by 5%, the tax on alcohol 100%. "The House of Representatives held its 45th legislative term of the first legislative year, the second on Wednesday, under the chairmanship of President of the Council, Salim al in the presence of 242 deputies.ئب