Rtat taxes on cars, alcohol and cigarettes, and the deduction of 3% of salary budget 2016

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - December 16: The Council of Representatives voted in session, on Wednesday, several paragraphs on the 2016 budget, while temporarily adjourn the meeting to agree on a share of the Kurdistan region.

The source parliamentary transfer to / Iraq Press / that the Council "voted to impose taxes on Kartat mobile and cars of alcohol," noting that it was "imposing a 20% tax on Kartat mobile and the Internet, and 5% on the import of cars and 100% on the import of alcohol and cigarettes."

The source added that "the Council voted on the budgets of the Supreme Judicial Council and Commission on Human Rights, and the budget of the Council of Representatives itself, and revenues and expenses and the budget deficit."

The council also voted to "carve out 3% of the salaries of employees and retirees, and the distribution of this deduction of 60% of the popular crowd and 40% for the relief of displaced persons," according to the source.

He explained that "the Council also voted to grades in the budget of 2016," noting that the Council decided to "re-examine the rounds of licenses signed by the Oil Ministry with foreign companies."

And the share of the Kurdistan region, the source stressed that "the Council temporarily adjourn the meeting until the parliamentary blocs agree on the region's share of the 2016 budget."

The State of Law bloc parliamentary confirmed that it will not vote on the region's share in the budget, without reduced to 13% from 17% in previous years. Q ended