Italy will send 450 soldiers to Iraq to protect the Mosul Dam

Last update: 12/16/2015

Italy said it would send 450 military for the defense of the Mosul Dam, the largest dam Astrdjath Iraq, Kurdish forces from the hands of the "Islamic state" which controls the city. It will be the task of this military force protecting the facility, which cost the Italian company Ptdamiha.

Declared Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, that Italy would send urgently hundreds of military to defend the dam of Mosul in northern Iraq, noting that the "Islamic state" in control of this city. Rome seeks to protect this facility Italian company won a contract to Deimha

Renzi said in a television program Tuesday that "solicitation (to strengthen the dam) was won by Italian company (...) and we will send to the site 450 of our members as well as the Americans to help protect it." And controlled fighters of the "Islamic State" on the connector since June 2014.

Renzi and confirmed that the dam "is located in the heart of a dangerous area on the border with the organization of the Islamic state, which was severely damaged and threatened to collapse."

The Kurdish forces have recaptured the strategic dam, with the support of the American Aviation, from the extremist organization in August / August 2014, Mosul Dam is the largest dams Iraq and provides power and water for more than a million people in the north of the country.

Italian company "Trevi" and won a contract worth more than $ two billion dollars to strengthen the dam located on the Tigris River, about fifty kilometers from the city of Mosul.

According to Italian media on Wednesday that the Italian military mission who will join the 450 to 750 exist mainly in Iraq, will spend the fall to avoid the dam once again under the control of the jihadists, and allow the works which are essential in the basic infrastructure of the country.

Security conditions remain very fragile yet does not allow for the crew of the company to start the works. Therefore it was necessary to deploy an armed force to protect these workers, and Italy decided to participate in this process as well as US military personnel.

And suffer facility, which was built during the reign of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from a structural problem prompted the engineers at the US military to describe "the most dangerous dam in the world" in a report published in 2007.

Senior US officials have warned of the risk of a major disaster in the event of the collapse of the dam, which may cause the wave height of 20 meters may inundate Mosul.

France 24 / AFP