Saudi Arabia reopen its embassy in Baghdad after 25 years

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
A Saudi official said his country decided to reopen its embassy in Baghdad after 25 years, it is expected to open a consulate in Arbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan as well.

Saudi Arabia re-open its embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday (15 December 2015) after 25 years of closure, according to the official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs he said.

The official told AFP that "the Saudi embassy staff arrived in Baghdad yesterday (...) at the airport and were greeted by a number of external" Iraqi Ministry officials.

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He pointed out that the number of staff who arrived 35 "led by Ambassador Assistant".

Ambassador is scheduled to arrive by Thursday, and will take part in the official ceremony for the opening of the embassy. It is expected the opening of a consulate in Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region, later.

The diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq were cut in 1990, but it returned in 2004 after the overthrow of former President Saddam Hussein's regime. However, relations remain tense between Saudi Arabia and Iraq against the backdrop of several issues in the region.