Parliamentary Finance: Parliament vote today on the draft 2016 budget law


Included grants to a number of provinces

Rapporteur stressed the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed al-Haj that "the House of Representatives will vote today on the General Budget Law for the year 2016," noting that "it is unlikely to occur for economic or political changes on the budget." Al-Hajj that ", said the Commission completed the final version of the 2016 budget will be voted on Wednesday," noting that he "is not unlikely that changes occur." On the Kurdistan region's share of the budget MP for the Kurdistan Alliance that "the share of the budget remains at 17%, while there are claims downwards to 13%, and there are collecting signatures to be reduced", and pointed out that "the share of the Kurdistan region linked to the commitment of the Kurdistan deliver its oil to Baghdad to be the share of the budget 17%. " To that of the Finance Committee announced the inclusion of financial grants to provinces {of Najaf and Karbala and Basra} the world within the next budget. He said committee member Rahim edict "after the end of the parliamentary finance committee meetings of which more than ten days and lasted almost been positive atmosphere with all the political blocs in order to unify positions and develop appropriate solutions to all the problems that were facing the approval of the budget. He Darraji, "he was issuing several observations and Tdmneha within budget items in 2016 for approval, including the granting of financial assistance to the provinces of Najaf, the holy, Basra and Karbala, as well as the granting of funds to the Directorate of Health Muthanna and complex science of the Directorate of the Sunni Endowment." He said the Attorney-Darraji in his statement that "the first priority of the meetings of the Finance Committee is to support the popular crowd and displaced persons as the Commission was able to prepare some of the legal materials that guarantee the rights of the popular crowd and displaced forces." He noted that "everyone Back to the legislative authority on the subject of foreign loans and agreements with the Oil Ministry and oil companies in the licensing round." The Congress has revealed that the budget will be approved and passed by the end of this month, and stressed the seriousness of it back to the government, what would cause a delay longer, and thus a direct negative impact on the lives of people in the country.