Parliamentary Finance: tomorrow's meeting is limited to vote on the 2016 budget law only

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 20:16
BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. announced the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Masood Haider, on Tuesday, that the House of Representatives of the 45 session, scheduled to be held on Wednesday will be limited to its vote on the general budget for the 2016 law only.

Haider said in an interview with / Baghdadi News /, "The House of Representatives will be allocated its meeting for tomorrow to vote on just the general budget for the 2016 law," adding that "the Finance Committee ended a legal formulation of the budget next year, with some differences them."

He added that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives meets on Wednesday with heads of political blocs to discuss the differences on the general budget for the 2016 law."
Haider and continued that "in the event of continued trading of the Presidium of Parliament with the heads of the political blocs about the differences on the 2016 budget, the vote be an evening session."
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