Federal Parliament confirms the parties to the deal Accounting (corrupt Shields)

2015 12 15
BAGHDAD - A fraternity
Said the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact that on Monday, the determination of the House of Representatives on the accounting of all parties in the deal (corrupt shields) between the Ministries of Industry and Interior federated without exception to hand in the event of confirmation of the federal judiciary and the existence of corruption and proved officially, noting that the Federal Ministry of Industry denies accusation Federal Ministry of the Interior on (armor) and confirm it matches international standards.
He said that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee is following the issue of (corrupt armor) with the federal judiciary and the Interior Ministry which is now demanding provide it with all the special deal armor documents, explaining that in the event of proven corruption in a deal that shields the federal judiciary will be held accountable both parties in this transaction, namely the Ministries of Industry and interior without exception of any party.