Bzmtha mobile phone companies more than (one billion and 400 million dollars) in debt to the government


Baghdad / follow-up to the Orient:
Revealed a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary deputy olive-Dulaimi, on Tuesday, that the mobile phone companies Bzmtha more than one billion and $ 400 million in debt to the government, pointing out that the additional charges imposed on the mobilization of the balance went to the phone "pockets" companies. Said al-Dulaimi told a news conference, the House of Representatives: "The mobile phone companies affected at the expense of the Iraqi economy and Bzmtha debts and dues to the Iraqi government did not comply with Baavaiha, which amounts quite a few that will contribute to supplement the central treasury," indicating that "the debt of one billion and 400 million dollars. "She explained that" these amounts fees and fines for environmental infractions, because those companies did not comply with health conditions in the monument towers which issued a ministerial order to remove 450 towers in violation of them did not execute, "adding that" the Council of Ministers decided to impose a 20% fee on cards Packaging is supposed to go into the treasury of the Iraqi state. " She al-Dulaimi, said: "This increase is officially carried out but it went into the pockets of mobile companies and the government remained silent and did not take any action." She Dulaimi that "irregularities companies caused cancerous disease approved by the international and humanitarian organizations working in Iraq because those companies did not comply with the legal distance between Tower and last, but spread randomly in all cities and regions, especially near schools and in residential neighborhoods crowded. " And demanded al-Dulaimi, the Council of Ministers to "put an end to violations of the mobile phone companies and compel it to pay what Bzmtha of debts and receivables finance to the treasury of the Iraqi state, as well as compel it to remove all environmental waste to protect the lives of Iraqis and their safety." He called on the financial services Parliamentary Committees, earlier, the federal government and the Information and Communications to stop "overt theft" by the mobile phone companies to impose taxes on Kartat packing, while Binta corporate debt that the government of trillion dinars ..