The concerns of the country .. Our products and agricultural wealth and national waste

2015 12 15
Up to the present day and in spite of all that has been locked material resources to mobilize the agricultural sector in the country was doomed suspended while we see in the local markets of various agricultural products, both agricultural initiative spending did not help to deliver the nation to self-sufficiency and the reason is due to the significant environmental threats Agriculture is facing the most important weakness of Water Resources received for the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, so we no longer Nsttam Diyala orange or pomegranate and watermelon Shahraban Samarra and in the south insect palm weevil attack Basra and Zubair tomato house has damage and mold them!
Instead of those products flooded the Iraqi market Egyptian Pomegranate and the types of Jordanian and Syrian sophistication and types of bananas from Latin America, lemon, fruit Turkish and vegetables Jordanian Iranian and Syrian and sophistication, nothing in front of us carries Iraqi flavored with the exception of some vegetables and that the day will come also to lose it you what to move from city to city even Trbakk image of thousands of dunums of agricultural reclaimed abandoned them and others, just left the land of the owners of the mismatch turned into residential land, including the remains of the sequence of date and lost care to become a wasteland.
Those farmland on the government to begin steps Avenue to re-inventory area and the pressure on by investing them real investment and thus contributing to the start of productivity Everyone knows that agricultural land abandoned is wasted wealth, wastage contribute to the imperfect is to achieve our food security and self-achieved Sistnzv billions that sends abroad in the balance commercial in favor of neighboring countries always.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates, referring to the arable land in Iraq is estimated up to 43.4 million hectares, or about 27% of the area of ​​Iraq, No. enormous must have the productivity that sings Iraq even for oil and gas, the major nations of dependent agricultural production types and even roses, they planted everything possible be absorbed by the ground, scientific research and development centers and colleges actively cultivate and improve products and develop and processors and Prevention clear of agricultural products and good management of irrigation and water full coordination between the various government institutions in order to raise the pace of agricultural production and the development of products and follow the most important sustainable development ways paid those States to sit on the throne of agricultural export, but that their budgets entirely dependent on agriculture.
We urgently need to develop higher agricultural staffs by paying them to the agricultural countries in the world to increase the experience and the need to transport a variety of agricultural techniques, mechanical and energetic and chemical and behavioral, skill, in order to increase cultivated land area not be left to become after a while is not suitable only for housing many of the territories deliberately owners to leave them to die and Tjdb hoping to transform their sex and take advantage of housing sold and the sight government and its institutions real estate, and this is the most dangerous thing possible to get agricultural land is not owned by one they are public property of the people should be forced owners to work or be converted Zmtha others are able to use and benefit Including .
The government for its part has to go to root out skeptics of its ability to provide all means of agricultural production and invalidate their arguments in a practical way and contribute to them through the research centers in the development of their land, and the provision of irrigation water and an end to talking with neighboring countries about Iraq's share of water and head of the United Nations Organization and file a complaint, Turkey He had acted for six months, cut off water from the Euphrates, in a statement to the Minister of Water Resources Mr. Mohsen al-Shammari, while the length of the last period, we did not hear that Iraq had demanded or filed a complaint in particular.
Our agriculture today one of the national wealth and wasted large responsibility towards them should be shared by the state with the owners of farmland and awareness of its importance must be quick and urgent not leave our land, our wealth and we desperately need for their products.

Zaher al-Zubaidi