Work includes (566) a new project of social security during last October

2015 12 15
Iraq today / Osama Muthana
Included the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, (566) a new project, the retirement law, social security, No. 39 of 1971, through October of 2015 a month, and how the ministry's success so: "After conducting periodic inspection by the inspection committee of the Ministry, for projects industrial workshops in Baghdad and the provinces. "
Sincerity glorious from the ministry notification, quoted us for the official tongue of Mastha- Ammar Menem: "The ministry is concerned with the application of labor legislation which serves the application of the working class and society, in order to achieve the economic and social well-being", and the method adopted by the ministry to include those projects Social Baldmat, we read: "The ministry is included (566) project retirement law and social security force No. 39 of 1971, during a periodic inspection of the projects covered by the provisions of the Labour Law No. (71) for the year 1987, to stand on its obligations to its provisions, regulations and instructions issued thereunder," either on the number of creditors workers: "The ministry included (7946) factor of social security of workers in the industrial projects which recently included the retirement law and social force and security, during the same period, of which (7686) male and 260 female", and the sector in which it operates These creditors of the workers: "All the creditors recently, working within the private sector", and creditors workers details and figures, seal Menem: "The number of newly insured in the province of Baghdad, was (3281) factor, and the rest of the provinces, except for the Kurdistan region of hot and provinces ( 4665) factor, the rate of (1034) factor in the province of Maysan, Basra and b (1114) factor. "