Finland of Iraq not to hand over the accused to the crime Spyker
Tuesday 15 December 2015 16:50

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Announced to the parliamentary Commission on Human Rights, on Tuesday, that Finland responded to the Iraqi authorities not to extradite the accused Spyker issue for the country, attributed the reason to the absence of a security agreement between the two countries.

Committee Chairman MP Arshad Salihi at a press conference in the House of Representatives and attended by Alsumaria News, "The Commission on Human Rights Parliamentary relay these days important files heated including the issue of the accused detainees on the issue of Spyker with the Finnish authorities," explaining that "the Iraqi embassy in Finland provided a memorandum to the Finnish Foreign regarding extradition, and the response was that there was no security agreement with the Iraqi authorities regarding the extradition of accused or criminals. "

Salhi said, "The Commission on Human Rights has asked the Iraqi Foreign forming a special team in Europe Department and the Department of Human Rights to follow up on this matter and the prosecution of the accused."

The Iraqi foreign ministry confirmed on Sunday (13 December 2015), they pursue the subject of the defendants to the crime Spyker in Finland, while expressing optimism handed them over to the Iraqi side to be tried within the judiciary, while announced that the Iraqi judiciary, the completion of my Astrdadahma.

The Finnish police arrested on Friday (11 December 2015), twin Iraqis suspected that they appeared in a video on Spyker massacre carried out by militants organize "Daash" when taking over the city of Tikrit in Iraq in 2014.