Economy: $ 80 million withdrawn from Iraq reserve daily dollar auction
December 15, 2015


Demanded economic and Investment Committee member of representative government shut down Al-dulaimi olive corruption in the auction currency.

Dulaimi stressed during a press conference attended by correspondent news economy that the Government stops auction currency for large corruption, explaining that "Iraq's oil imports approximately 120 million dollars, daily currency auction 200 million dollars, the real catastrophe, there are 80 million dollars withdrawn from Central Bank reserves."

"The parliamentary Economic Committee meeting today refused to deduct 3% of staff salaries because their salaries do not bear any deduction".

Dulaimi believed that "If the Government want to subtract, to resort to the deduction gradually upward from 1% up by salaries".

"There is a call for the abolition of the salaries of the Awakening Councils, attribution and this is unacceptable because it affects 21,000 combatants still fighting with the army and believe the entrances to Baghdad"