Kurdistan calls because the national meeting of the forthcoming turning point Wednesday, February 29, 2012 10:17 | Author: Rasannews

BAGHDAD / With: confirmed the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Vian outsider to the national meeting is expected to leaders of political blocs must be a turning point and solve all problems and crises, and not to be Cassapqath meetings. said an intruder in a press statement that: "the meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the national discussion generalities and modalities of the meeting away from the heart of the problems solved will be a turning point in the country. " She added: "The date and venue of the national meeting should not take priority in the discussions of the preparatory committees These things are simple, but must focus on topics that end the political crises and solve all the problems . " and called the Preparatory Committee to "work hard and focus on topics that serve Iraq and its people and to maintain the interests of the country to all interests."

The Preparatory Committee formed by representatives of the main blocs of the three, the National Alliance and Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan, held four meetings to be held the fifth meeting, which was postponed twice, on Friday. and made ​​three blocks during the previous four meetings, work papers to the Committee, included demands and perceptions, that are being discussed and then collected in a single sheet of paper submitted to the national meeting. (finished)